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Connecting capacities of
Luxembourg’s digital strategy

Imagine a situation where you can access the data that you need, in order to create a new product or service, or to fulfil the aim or your research in a faster and more convenient way. Or that you, as a citizen, when moving from one EU country to another, the health system would already have an understanding of your health condition and could immediately treat you like in your former country.

LNDS works to enable reuse of data through providing data services on both national and international scale.

In Luxembourg, we act as a linking entity, connecting international frameworks for federated data sharing, the European Strategy for Data, high-performance computing and data hosting, in order to enable impact from secondary use of data. On a European scale, LNDS is involved in European level initiatives, to improve and enable the sharing of data cross-border in a trustable manner, similarly to how cross-border movement of people is smooth from one EU country, to another. The enabled connections benefit both the public and private sectors, research and citizens overall, through empowering citizens, improving decision making, and enabling new knowledge and creation of new products and services.

Creating impact through data projects

Explore impacts of
data projects

You will soon be able to get to know some of our data projects in this section, through articles about data projects for impact. For a first insight, join us at the Data Summit Luxembourg where some of our data partners will present our joint data projects and the initial value created.


Sharing knowledge is a key contribution to value creation and enabling impact from data. LNDS coordinates currently two communities to facilitate exchange of knowledge; the GDPR Working Group and the Data Management National Community of Practice.

GDPR Working Group

Compliance with Data Protection regulations is a challenging task. Professionals across sectors and in many organisations face similar challenges related to GDPR, however, knowledge often exists in silos at different organisations.

LNDS facilitates a working group where data protection officers, lawyers and data stewards of public organisations engaged in research can exchange about challenges and solutions. The GDPR working group works as a platform where professionals can meet and learn from each other.

LNDS’ focus is on organising the meetings and preparing content for them, as well as providing analyses on recent developments on the regulatory level and supporting knowledge management within the working group.   

Data Management National Community of Practice

To remain competitive in a data-driven world, it is crucial to manage data effectively. Without the right knowledge, organisations can miss out on available resources and best practices.

LNDS has initiated the Data Management National Community of Practice to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the coordination between Luxembourg’s data management professionals. The community supports converging practices and promotes best practices in data management and stewardship. With quarterly gatherings, the community works together to tackle common challenges that data managers and stewards face in their day-to-day work.

Contact us to join the community and develop data management skills together!