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About us

LNDS – enabling value creation
from secondary use of data

The volume of data worldwide is increasing and a notable amount of the existing data is in silos – not interoperable, not findable, and therefore, not usable. At the Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS) we are on a mission to change this. We are on a journey to make data FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, antd Reusable – and improve the secondary use of existing data.

Background for the creation of LNDS

Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS) is created by the Luxembourg Government, to implement Luxembourg’s strategies in research, innovation, and digitalisation.

Alongside the national interest, the development of European Data Space initiatives spurred the development of the economic interest group PNED G.I.E. in July 2022. The name PNED was furthermore developed into the brand Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS), to better reflect the work we do. LNDS provides trustable data services for public and governmental institutes, to answer the Luxembourg Government’s national interest for data-driven innovation for developing a trusted and sustainable economy.

What we do

LNDS will support the acceleration of the economic, ecological and societal transitions through efficient & responsible use of data, and by improving the secondary use of data.

We focus on sharing data from the public sector, to enable value creation for our data partners. Data partners are public and private sector organisations who are interested in using data (data consumers), providing data (data providers), or both. We work amongst others with research institutions, ministries and other national organisations, collaborating for improved use of existing data. In addition, we participate actively in the development of data spaces, standards, and best practices at European level.

To support the sharing and secondary use of data for public and private data partners, we are developing a service portfolio including know-how, capabilities, tools, infrastructure, and data services.

Capacity building, training and community management

Legal-, ethical-, and societal impact assessment

Technical building blocks, platform infrastructure and components of secure end-to-end data processing

Support for data discovery, access, enrichment, pseudonymisation, quality and more 

With the growing societal and economical dependency on data, the demand for data services changes and evolves over time. We continuously develop our service portfolio to serve the data partners’ needs in creating concrete and impactful data projects.

Enabling value creation from secondary use of data – with transparency, control and trust.


We care about your rights and honour our commitments. Security and reliability are at the core of all our processes.


We listen, adapt, and support you to succeed. We foster collaboration and innovation for societal impact with our partners.


We communicate truthfully and explain limits and constraints. We share our know-how for your benefit.

Vision, Mission, Purpose

Our vision – to make Luxembourg the European innovation leader towards a responsible digital society

In our vision, Luxembourg is the European innovation leader towards a responsible digital society. We want to be major building block in Luxembourg’s digital transformation and a leader of data spaces in Europe.

Our contribution comes from enabling partnership projects aimed at enhancing data in the context of common innovation between actors in public research and private actors. In these data projects all actors can participate in the complete chain creating value from data. Enabling interoperability of data across sectors will help Luxembourg reaching its aim to become a sustainable, knowledge-driven, diverse, and trusted digital society by 2030.

Our mission – to support research & innovation through high quality data

Data is a critical component in realising economies of scale. Research and innovation build on high quality data. LNDS will support research and innovation through our service portfolio and become a partner of choice for private platforms for a joint development of the next generation of data products. We work as an enabler for participation of public research and private actors in the processing of data end-to-end. In order to enable innovation, we support our partners to enhance and combine data sets.

In Luxembourg, LNDS will be a catalyst for the national research and innovation ecosystem to fully utilise the potential of data. We are a connecting component in Luxembourg’s digital strategy, which includes additional capabilities such as the local data centers and cloud infrastructure, the high-performance-computing capacity, various data space initiatives, cybersecurity assets, and a strong collaboration between the actors representing government, industry, research and citizens. Being closely connected with other national organisations and institutions, means we make an impact together. Through efficient and responsible use of data, Luxembourg’s economic, ecological and societal transitions can accelerate in more intelligent ways.

We develop these capabilities in an international context, with an open eye on the world. On the European level, LNDS will become a major contributor to the European Data Spaces as described in the data strategy of the European Commission. This includes the services of a competent body as defined in the Data Governance Act, and support of the health data access body as defined in the European Health Data Space regulation.

Our purpose – to enable value creation from data – with transparency, control and trust

Our aim is to enable value creation from secondary use of data. We want to support our data partners to create value from data and enhance data in the context of common innovation among all actors. We want to become a partner of choice for joint development of the next generation of data products. Ultimately the work we do is to help our data partners to make an impact through data.

Data exists in vast quantities, but it is often not findable or usable. To fulfil our purpose and support the sharing and secondary use of data for public and private data partners we are building our service portfolio. Our services include capacities, processes & knowledge sharing throughout the data journey.

We aim to make data FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable – and improve the secondary use of existing data.

How we work

We work with public and private sector organisations who are interested in using data, providing data, or both. Our partners include among others research institutions, ministries and other national organisations, collaborating for improved use of existing data.

We work with data partners on a project basis. Data projects are defined, scoped and prioritised together with our partners. Each data projects starts with an onboarding meeting to learn about your goals and the impact that you are looking to achieve. Based on your project needs and goals we agree on how we can help you succeed.

A data project is typically funded through either a national funding programme or a European project. Thanks to funding by the Luxembourg government and being beneficiaries of several national and European grants, we can provide most of our services for free.

In addition to data projects, our team focuses on building reusable data services. The services include enabling capabilities and training, legal and technical tools, operational support and platform infrastructure. Our service portfolio is continuously co-created and improved using the requirements and feedback from the data projects with our partners.

We treat the owners of data responsibly, the data owner always stays in control of the data. Where possible, we create open data and enable access to data with restrictions where needed. We also define fair conditions for exchange and trade of data.

The LNDS Team

LNDS thrives on data services. These services thrive on people. We co-create with the people in our team and the people from our partners.

LNDS consists of a strong team of digital enthusiasts, including data analysts, data stewards, legal and governance specialists, data- and software engineers. Meet the teams who accomplish the LNDS mission:


LNDS Service team

The Service Team develops data services and fulfils the needs of our data partners. This team consists of Data Analysts, Data Stewards, Project Managers, Data Governance and ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications) specialists.


LNDS technology team

The Technology Team is responsible for functioning infrastructure and tools, both within LNDS and for the projects with our Data partners. This team consists of Data-, Software-, DevOps-, Security- and Infrastructure Engineers.


LNDS enabling functions team

Supporting the work of all other teams, the enabling functions consists of our people management, office management, procurement, communications, and general management.


Bert Verdonck


Christophe Trefois

Christophe Trefois

Head of Technology

Wei Gu

Head of Service

Matthieu Paret

Head of People

Regina Becker

Fellow ELSI

Governance –
the LNDS Board

LNDS is a brand of PNED G.I.E. (economic interest group), an organisation that is fully owned by the Luxembourgish government and governed by its Board of Directors:

  • Ministry of Research & Higher Education: Romain Martin
  • Ministry of Digitalisation: Gaston Schmit
  • Ministry of Economy: Mario Grotz
  • Ministry of Finance: Tom Theobald
  • Ministry of Social Security: Thomas Dominique
  • Ministry of State: Max Gindt
  • Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH): Ulf Nehrbass
  • Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER): Aline Muller

Are you interested
in joining LNDS?

Do you want to be part of this ambitious and energetic team, contributing to a national and European mission on enabling value creation from data?

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