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Luxembourg National Data Service – LNDS

+352 260 207

6, Avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette

R.C.S. C175 | TVA: LU34458768


For any enquiries around technology and tools, please contact our Technology team:


For any enquiries around our services, please contact our Service team:


For any legal or compliance enquiries, please contact our ELSI team:

PRess & media

For any media or press enquiries, please contact our communications team:


For any enquiries related to people, please contact our peoples’ management:

data protection

For any enquiries around privacy or data protection, please contact our protection officer:

For general questions please send us an email to


Please find below answers to frequently asked questions about our services and for how to get started with a data project.

How can we start a data project?

Please contact our Service team and tell us about your needs and goals. We use our data project consulting and onboarding service to guide you through the first steps. We look forward to speaking more and working together.

Who should I contact to talk about a data project I would like to create?

Please contact our Service team. We will implement a data project creation form at a later stage.

What information should be provided to get started with a project?

We want to understand your project goals, including its anticipated social, economical or environmental impact, so that we can lay a solid foundation for the data project. Next, we need to understand your needs in order to propose the most valuable support and most suitable services for you. Please contact our Service team and share your needs and goals in as detailed a manner as possible, to help us to help you.

Is there a cost for using LNDS Services?

No, all LNDS Services are free of charge at this stage.

I’m a researcher from another EU country. Can I use LNDS services?

In principle, this should be possible when your request has some link with the Luxembourg data ecosystem. Please contact our Service team and detail your needs so we can discuss more.

I’m working at a commercial company, in the private sector. Can I use LNDS services?

Yes, absolutely, when your request involves the sharing of data held by a public sector entity. Please contact our Service team and describe your needs so we can discuss more.

Is LNDS building a National Data Repository?

No, we are not collecting or centralising data into a central data platform/repository. LNDS provides services to enable the reuse of data from the public sector using a federated, decentralised architecture.

We are working on a National Data Catalogue though. The Luxembourg National Data Catalogue is created to present an overview of data held in the public sector in Luxembourg. The catalogue allows to navigate the data landscape and discover datasets through structured metadata. It is important to note that the catalogue does not contain or collect the data and a formal access request is needed to access any datasets.

What is secondary use/reuse of data?

Secondary use of data, also known as reuse of data, refers to the use of data for another purpose than the purpose it was originally collected for. For example, processing health data collected in normal medical care, to develop new medical devices or medications.

Is LNDS the authority to decide on data use requests?

No, we are not the authority who decides on data use requests. LNDS works closely with the data users, the data providers and with authorities to facilitate this request process, but we do not make the decision on data requests ourselves.

Can you organise a presentation and introduction meeting for my organisation?

Yes, we can. Please contact us via to arrange an appointment, including a proposed target date-and-time and describing the target audience for this presentation.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Contact our team for more information.