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Data Management Community - Collaboration, innovation and shared love for data

Data Management Community – foster innovation, collaboration, learning and a shared love for data

Today marks the start of the International Love Data Week, an international celebration for data, which takes place annually during the week of Valentine’s Day. In this context, we want to bring to your attention the Data Management National Community of Practice in Luxembourg – a community for data professionals to share best practices and challenges, as well as of course – a shared love for data.

Celebrate innovation and collaboration through data

The International Love Data Week is an initiative with the aim to engage communities and increase awareness about the prominence, value, and appropriate handling of data in our lives and research. Universities around the world are organising programme around the Love Data Week, both this week and later during the spring. For example, the Love My Data Week organised by the University of Luxembourg on the 11th to 15th March 2024 will comprise of meet-ups, games and competitions to create awareness about good data management.

Another initiative to engage innovation and collaboraiton is the Data Management National Community of Practice in Luxembourg. More commonly known as the Data Management Community, it is an initiative born from the shared challenges data professionals face across various fields. The Data Management Community takes part in and organises different events and talks, in order to raise awareness, share knowledge and promote good data management practices. Read further, to learn more about the activities of the Data Management Community and how you can join.

Solve challenges together and avoid reinventing the wheel

To remain competitive in a data-driven world, it is crucial to manage data effectively. Without the right knowledge, organisations can miss out on available resources and best practices. To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the coordination between Luxembourg’s data management professionals, LNDS initiated the Data Management National Community of Practice in summer 2023. 

What if we could work together to face these common challenges and avoid reinventing the wheels?

The aim with Data Management Community is to share scalable solutions, foster innovation, and promote best practices among data professionals. We believe that innovation is best sourced through collaboration.

At a national level, data professionals across various fields encounter similar challenges in managing their data. By bringing together individuals and organisations from different sectors — government, research, the private sector, and other stakeholders — we can together find solutions to similar problems and solve challenges faster. Leveraging the unique backgrounds of expert in diverse domains, the community can foster innovation and best practices to create scalable solutions, as well as identify and address gaps in regards to data management. As the data economy advances, challenges such as the secure and trusted sharing of sensitive information among different actors increase. Here, a culture of cooperation and a thriving data management community, will be the means to enable impact.

Become part of the Data Management Community

Whether you’re a government official, researcher, private sector professional, your challenges and insights matter. We invite everyone working and dealing with issues surrounding data management and stewardship in Luxembourg to join and engage in the Data Management Community. No other prerequisites are required but the willingness to engage with data issues in Luxembourg.

Register to become a member of the Data Management National Community of Practice

Why should you join the community?

Engagement in our community means more than just attending events, it is contributing to foster a culture of cooperation. Collaboration and shared knowledge is crucial as the data economy grows. The Data Management Community is all about:

  • Sharing best practices and innovative solutions to data management challenges.
  • Cultivating synergies among government, research, private sector, and other stakeholders.
  • Stimulating new collaborations to enhance Luxembourg’s data management capabilities.

What does the Data Management Community membership entail?

Our community is dynamic and evolving to meet the needs of its members with a broad scope that encompasses emerging topics in data management and stewardship. We organize:

  • Regular workshops for continuous learning and engagement. The latest workshop on data archiving took place on the 16th January and the next one will be announced soon. The workshops can be dedicated to specific kinds of data or to data management issues, so that professionals better relate their own problems and ideas to state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Thematic talks, for knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning. On February 16th, 2024, Danielle Welter, the Principal Data Analyst at the Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS), will share her insights on on data cataloging secrets, in her talk “Why, when, who, and how – 10 things you always wanted to know about data cataloging but were too afraid to ask”Register here.

This is just a flavour of the ongoing development, to which we invite you to contribute based on your needs and ideas. On average we meet once or twice per quarter for talks and workshops. The community is your opportunity to meet, share, and learn, and as a member you can affect the direction the community takes.

Important to note: participation and membership in the Data Management Community is free of charge. We do not charge membership fees. Your time and knowledge sharing is your input to the community. Saving time through learning new best practices, creating connections and collaboration is your takeaway.

How to Join

Register through our form below and feel free direct any questions to us via email to

Let’s team up to develop our data management skills.