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Synthetic Data Factory

Synthetic Data Factory

The LNDS Synthetic Data Factory service helps you to build up your synthetic dataset based on the statistical information and the underlying relationships between your features of interest. The Synthetic Data Factory provides synthetic datasets based on available national public data, including statistical distributions for people, companies, streets, infrastructure, and more.

Faster progress with synthetic data

Did you know that most of the time, you do not need to wait to access real data to start working on your project?

Generating and using synthetic data can accelerate the first phase of your project. Through synthetic data, you can in advance test your hypothesis, models, and algorithms on artificial data, which closely mimics the properties and relationships of real data. The power of the synthetic data methodology is that the overall statistics and the interconnections between data can be preserved, while reducing the risk of privacy exposure and the burden of legal compliance which would be in place for sharing and processing real personal or private data. In other words, synthetic datasets can be helpful to proceed faster with different projects and promote data dissemination while avoiding sensitive data breaches and implementing high-protected measures when processing and analysing data. 

a collaborative service

The Synthetic Data Factory is different from most of our other services. We are not building it alone – everyone is welcome to contribute.

The intention of the project is to generate synthetic data of the Luxembourg population from public available datasets. In the long term, the project will be enlarged to including cross-border workers, companies and many other environmental fields.

Contribute to the Synthetic Data Factory

Don’t wait for real data access – test your hypothesis, models, and algorithms with synthetic data