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ELSI and Data Governance Consulting

ELSI and Data Governance Consulting

The ELSI and Data Governance Consulting service is designed to support LNDS’ governmental partners in their efforts to develop legislation governing secondary use of public data. Where the secondary use impacts the rights and freedoms of natural persons, such legislation must fulfil requirements such as necessity and proportionality, as well as foresee suitable technical and organisational measures to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the affected persons.

two main aspects of the ELSI and Data Governance Consulting service:

1) we get involved in legislation design and provide expert advice and feedback on GDPR and DGA requirements, legal and technical questions associated with the legislation under development, safeguard measures (both technical and organisational), as well as practical aspects of data management and analytics relevant for secondary use of data.

2) commenting on the provisions of legal drafts, proposal of legal provisions and/or position papers, participation in relevant meetings, and provision of background information (European Court of Justice, European Data Protection Board, European Data Protection Supervisor, national data protection authorities).

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