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Data Quality and Curation

Data Quality and Curation

Effective data reuse starts with great data quality. Data that is well structured, consistent and well documented is easy to reuse and combine with other data.

Unfortunately, many organisations struggle to collect data in a structured and consistent way, resulting in datasets with large blocks of unstructured information and missing or inconsistent values, hampering analysis, combination and reuse.

LNDS Data Quality and Curation service can help organisations improve the quality of their data by retroactively transforming existing datasets as well as streamlining primary data collection processes. We use best-practices approaches such as machine-actionable data dictionaries, data standardisation, and implementation of controlled vocabularies, to enhance the quality and curate your data.

Whether you just want to tweak a few datasets to maximise their value or redesign your data collection from scratch, LNDS Data Quality and Curation can help! 

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