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Launch of ELIXIR-STEERS – enhancing research software management in life science

Today, ELIXIR – a European life sciences infrastructure announces the start of a new EU-funded project ELIXIR-STEERS. LNDS joined the ELIXIR structure as a part of the ELIXIR Luxembourg node in 2023.

Enhancing federated analysis in life sciences 

ELIXIR-STEERS is a three-year initiative with the aim to enhance large-scale, cross-border federated analysis in the life sciences throughout the European Research Area. In particular, the ELIXIR-STEERS focusses on the need for good software and workflow management. This element is essential for reproducible and efficient analysis of life science data, however sometimes overlooked by funders and policymakers. By adopting common analysis tools and good workflow practices, ELIXIR-STEERS aims to minimise duplication, reduce energy consumption and lower the carbon footprint in computational life science, particularly in resource-intensive applications like AI.

The project is a collaboration between all ELIXIR Nodes, there including 36 institutes across 23 countries. In addition, the ELIXIR Hub provided by the European Bioinformatics Institute of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL-EBI) is the coordinator of the project. The initiative is funded by the EU, with a budget of €4M.

Building on two earlier EU-funded projects

The ELIXIR-STEERS project builds on the achievements of two previous EU-funded projects. This project follows the ELIXIR-CONVERGE (2020-2023), a project which enhanced data management and stewardship across ELIXIR Nodes. The early base of the project dates to 2015-2019, with the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project, which helped establish ELIXIR as a coordinated European life science infrastructure. 

In the press communication by ELIXIR, Andy Smith, ELIXIR Interim Director and Coordinator of ELIXIR-STEERS, shares the excitement of the initiation of the ELIXIR-STEERS project, with the focus on expanding ELIXIR’s expertise in research software and workflows.

This project is an important step towards strengthening the emerging European federated data landscape and optimising environmental sustainability in computational practices.

Andy Smith, ELIXIR Interim Director and Coordinator of ELIXIR-STEERS

LNDS will contribute to the development of infrastructure services to enable software best practices and capacity building in the ELIXIR Node. “The outcome will improve the services provided by ELIXIR Luxembourg and benefit the national research communities.“, says Wei Gu, Head of Service at LNDS and Scientific Coordinator and Deputy HoN at ELIXIR Luxembourg.

Goal – to create impact and strengthen Europe’s position in global research

The aim of ELIXIR is to improve the value and impact of life science research on public health, the environment and the economy through enabling researchers to access and analyse life science data. The goal of the ELIXIR-STEERS project to improve standards and best practices in research software and workflows across the ELIXIR Nodes. With this goal, the ELIXIR-STEERS strengthens Europe’s position in global research while supporting environmental sustainability and enhancing international collaboration.

This article is based on the press release by ELIXIR. For further information about ELIXIR-STEERS, please contact

Find out more: ELIXIR -STEERS webpages

ELIXIR-STEERS Project details in a nutshell

Duration3 years
Budget4 MEUR
ScopeLarge-scale, cross-border, across the European Research Area
Preceding projectsELIXIR-CONVERGE (2020-23)ELIXIR-EXCELERATE (2015-19)