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FAIR Cookbook is rewarded ELIXIR RIR status

FAIR Cookbook is rewarded ELIXIR RIR status

ELIXIR announces the addition of an ELIXIR-LU Node service, the FAIR Cookbook, co-developed and operated by LNDS, as one of its Recommended Interoperability Resources (RIR).

FAIR Cookbook – Hands-on recipes for FAIR data management

First, let us define “FAIR” in data management. FAIR stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable data principles. The FAIR principles mark a baseline for good data stewardship on a global scale, as well as for enabling secondary use of data.

The FAIR Cookbook is a collection of hands-on, “bird’ s-eye view recipes” on the FAIR components, the infrastructure needed, and a set of applied examples in the Life Sciences, offering a deep dive into the technical aspects of FAIR data management. The aim of the FAIR Cookbook is to develop and share practical guidance and processes needed to make and keep data FAIR in the Life Sciences. It is a resource which is valuable not only to researchers and data stewards, but also for policymakers and trainers, thanks to the practical material (or recipes) which can be used in educational material regarding FAIR principles.

The FAIR Cookbook is one of the ELIXIR Node Services which LNDS (as a part of the ELIXIR Luxembourg Node) is actively co-developing and operating, together with the other Nodes.

The FAIR Cookbook as an ELIXIR RIR

Accessible to all, free of charge, ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resources (RIRs) are often referenced by research funding agencies as an instrument for researchers to fulfil their data management requirements and advance research.

ELIXIR’s list of RIRs includes critical tools, registries, and standards key to enhancing interoperability. A comprehensive internal and external evaluation process ensures that each RIR satisfies fundamental criteria, including:

  • Establishing connections between data (and other) resources
  • Acquiring and exposing metadata of data (and other) resources
  • Creating the infrastructure needed to build integratable data collections
  • Using interoperability resources to support delivery of FAIR principles

To read the official announcement from ELIXIR Europe, visit their news release